Westminster City Hall Cooled By Three High Efficiency Turbomisers

Cool-Therm has supplied three large Turbomiser chillers for an installation at Westminster City Hall, the home of Westminster Council, in the heart of central London.
Each of the compact, high efficiency chillers is capable of providing 960kW  of cooling for use in the building’s air conditioning system. The chillers were installed by contractor East West Connect, with Cool-Therm commissioning the units in July 2014.
The project was part of a major refurbishment of the 19 storey building,  located at 64 Victoria Street, which included replacement of temporary chillers  with high efficiency chillers based on compact centrifugal compressors with
magnetic bearings.

Lower running costs

The building had been cooled for some time using temporary chillers hired on annual contract, which proved to be expensive. The Turbomisers provide a permanent solution, delivering lower running costs – due to savings in energy use of between 30 to 40 per cent, reduced requirements for ongoing servicing due to the chillers’ oil-free design, and lower noise during operation due to the virtually frictionless bearings and high efficiency fans.
Turbomiser was able to meet key design requirements for energy performance, reduced weight on the roof-top location, and low noise and vibration.