Cooltherm provide another cooling solution to the Cardiff Central Square group of projects

The Project

Located in Central Square, the new 500,000 sq. ft interchange building and development included a 14-bay bus station and a 12-storey office space, alongside the 318 HQM-certified buy-to-rent apartments. Keeping the building to a required comfortable living and working temperature, would be where the Cooltherm solutions comes into its own.

Customer Requirements

CMB Engineering required specified, installed and maintained chiller units that needed to fit in a very specific footprint. As the chillers are installed in a close proximity to 318 apartments, the noise levels had to be taken into account, alongside that the building was designed to be the first in the UK to achieve BRE’s HQM One benchmark status.

Product Selection

The Project Manager at Cooltherm, looked across the complete array of Chillers options that Cooltherm can use and closely matched the GEOCLIMA 800kW TMA EC-13. They have the perfect cooling capacity, low noise outputs and are energy efficient.

This project is just one of the Cardiff Central Square projects which Cooltherm have been asked to supply units to. When complete, the project will have 13 Turbomiser chillers located across 5 buildings.

The Cooltherm Solution

Here at Cooltherm, we always try and follow your specification however, if we can see an improvement, we will always highlight this. We have the ability and capacity to provide turnkey heating, cooling, ventilation, service and maintenance solutions across the UK and have a vast array of products to provide you with the correct and most efficient system possible.



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