Unique Design for Incomparable Efficiency


From the ultra-efficient technology of Turbomiser comes Circlemiser, the most efficient series of air cooled chillers present on the market.

The Circlemiser series is characterised by incomparable performance and high efficiency levels, with an increase in EER up to + 15%, improving the already very high efficiency of Turbomiser technology.

The technological innovation of Circlemiser is in the design and development of special cylindrical condensers, and the installation of cascade flooded evaporators.

*EER in accordance with ANSI/AHRI STANDARD 551/591 (SI) and ANSI/AHRI STANDARD 550/590 (I-P).

The Circlemiser series is characterised using microchannel condensers with the heat exchange surface increased by 45% compared to traditional condensers, thanks to the special cylindrical configuration of the heat exchanger. This unique design makes it possible to increase the heat exchanger capacity reducing condensing temperature as well as approach temperature.

Using the Geoclima condenser coil and evaporator design we have been able to achieve performance improvement without changing the footprint of our air-cooled chiller range.


+15% Increase in Cooling Efficiency

Comparing the Circlemiser with traditional air-cooled Turbomiser chillers, at the same AHRI/EUROVENT conditions and size (with the same number of compressors, model of compressors and capacity), Circlemiser records an increase in EER up to +9.5% with one compressor unit, and up to +15% with multi-compressor units, with the highest achievable value of EER 4.35.

When comparing Circlemiser and Turbomiser to an Evaporative System with a relative humidity of 50%, the efficiency ensured by Circlemiser is equivalent to the efficiency achievable with using an Evaporative System.  This is without the costs, installation and maintenance that is generated from the use of water for an evaporative system. Circlemiser represents an effective alternative to the adiabatic units in those cases in which adiabatic configuration is not applicable.

The new Circlemiser series is available for air-cooled Turbomiser units, both with R134a, and with HFO-1234ze refrigerants.