Professional Development Training


Cooltherm have worked to develop various professional development modules to assist with the ongoing professional development of industry consultants, contractors and end users with the ambition of providing useful training to ensure individuals and companies are up to date with the latest technological advancements in our industry.

With years of experience in the industry, Cooltherm has a commitment to raise awareness and understanding of the technical issues surrounding our range of products and services.

Our team will gladly come to your place of business and present one or more training modules.  The duration of each module is approximately one hour and is often presented over lunch. Should your team need specific training we are happy to compile bespoke sessions to meet your requirements.

Seminar Options

Cooltherm can offer training on the following topics:


  • The Quiet Revolution of Chillers - Based around Turbocor optimised cooling technologies. The chillers are marketed in the capacity range 300 to 1,500kW; and this module presents the technology of the compressor and the chiller, together with a case study to illustrate the application.

Propane Refrigerant 

  • The safe application of Ultra Low GWP propane refrigerant in chillers and more specifically exploring the increasing use of propane for air conditioning applications.

HFO Refrigerants 

  • The next generation of Low GWP, A2L refrigerants for use in chillers and industrial cooling / heating.  This module considers alternative solutions to using hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to comply with the EU F-gas Regulation – focusing particularly on the use of HFO refrigerants


  • This module explores the application of a novel condenser design that can improve the effectiveness of systems without increasing the equipment footprint.  The CircleMiser is an incredibly efficient air-cooled chiller with enlarged circular condensers, which improves the performance of vapour compression air-cooled chillers.

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