F-Gas Compliance & HFC Refrigerant Phase Down

Take steps now to secure the future of your buildings and business

A number of commonly used refrigerants are being phased out as a result of changes to the European-wide F-Gas Regulations.

The changes will affect buildings and industrial processes which use air conditioning and cooling equipment that runs on high global warming refrigerants.

It is important to take steps to identify relevant equipment and plan ahead to ensure the continuity of cooling.

We offer F-Gas compliance support for end users and facility management companies, plus air conditioning and chiller service and maintenance project management. We can advise on the options available, which may involve retrofitting equipment to run on one of the new generation of environmentally friendlier refrigerants, or replacing aging plant with new equipment.

Cooltherm Consultants offer tailored improvement and retrofit schemes for both DX air conditioning and chilled water systems, for industrial process applications, data centres and commercial buildings.

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