CO2 Heat Pumps

CO2 Heat Pumps; Protect the environment whilst producing unprecedented hot water temperatures

CO2 heat pumps reduce carbon emissions while helping you maintain temperature control in your building. A CO2 heat pump uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, which is a naturally occurring gas, and has a very low boiling point.  

The development of CO2 heat pumps have created a high temperature (up to 110°C) water solution that was previously not available to HFC and HFO refrigerant heat pumps running traditional sub critical vapour compression cycles. We have a range of sustainable CO2 heat pumps available for various sectors, including commercial, data centres, industrial and manufacturing.

CO2 heat pumps allow our clients to produce efficient hot water up to 110°C further decarbonising their sites. Our CO2 heat-pumps operate a with transcritical vapour compression cycle and can provide hot water temperatures that match the typical direct hot water requirements for most buildings. The DHW requirements for most buildings are in fact quite small and can often be offset against the buildings base cooling loads further increasing the systems energy efficiencies.

Cooltherm can provide bespoke and standard high temperature CO2 heat pump solutions with a range spanning from 50kW to 1.4+mW.