VRV & Split Systems

Air conditioning transforms the indoor environment, making it a more pleasant place to live and work, with the ability to provide heating as well as cooling a modern heat pump system can cut your energy bills significantly compared to traditional heating methods. 

For over a quarter of a century Cooltherm have been specialising in the design and installation of DX, VRF and VRV air conditioning systems with specific expertise in applying the technology for specialist applications. We are very proud to have been awarded Mitsubishi ‘Diamond Quality Partner’; which is awarded on the exceptional quality of our design ability and workmanship, not linked to turnover of product!

DX (Direct Expansion) and VRF/VRV Systems are particularly well suited to the following types of establishment. 

  • Small to medium sized shops
  • Restaurants
  • Small to medium sized commercial and offices buildings
  • Healthcare practises, doctors, denists
  • Small scale IT and Telecom equipment cooling

Due to the advanced technology available with the VRF systems, sites which have a mixture of heating and cooling loads can have one of these demands met for virtually no energy cost through heat recovery from one building zone to another.

It is no accident that all bluechip companies, major high street retailers, banks and restaurant chains all install air conditioning. Staff are more productive, customers stay longer in a comfortable environment, and as a result spend more!

VRV & Split Systems
R32 The Future of Small DX Cooling

R32 The Future of Small DX Cooling

Always striving to save energy and be as environmentally friendly as possible Cooltherm are at the forefront of ensuring our clients have the latest technology and most environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Cooltherm now only offer air conditioning split systems to our clients operating on R32 refrigerant, which has a Global Warming Potential 1/3 of the soon to be phased out R410a

In addition Cooltherm and Mitsubishi are offering the next generation of multi indoor unit VRF system which operates on R32……. HVRF which uses R32 in the outdoor units and only bring water into the building completely removing the risk of refrigerant leakage inside the structure.

Contracting Partners

Cooltherm work closely with our contracting partners to ensure they have a robust solution at the correct price for their clients.

We don’t ‘Value Engineer’ we 'Work Smart' with our manufacturing partners to safeguard quality at the right price!

Contracting Partners

What would you choose?

Given a choice between a non-air conditioned building and an air conditioned one, people choose the air conditioned one. As well as a more productive environment for staff, air conditioning is good for customers – and good for the bottom line.