Heat Pumps - Industrial & Commercial

Heat pumps span a massive range of capacities and applications, ranging from a few kilowatts on a domestic and commercial scale to multi-megawatt industrial applications.

Heat pumps are incredibly electrically efficient, they are able to take unwanted heat energy (even if it’s of very low temperature such as winter ambient air) and take it to a level whereby it can heat a building or provide hot water for washing etc.

Cooltherm can provide bespoke solutions at all capacities, however we are market leaders in the design, application and installation of large capacity heat pumps and are very proud to have won many awards for our ground breaking megawatt heat pump systems installed and operation in Central London.  

  • Industrial Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Industrial Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Industrial Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Industiral High Temperature Water Producting Heat Pumps for DTHW (Inc CO2)
  • Energy Recovery AHU's and Air "Heat-Sinks"
  • Commercial DX & VRF Heat Pumps
  • Domestic DX Heat Pump System

Cooltherm have a wide range industrial heat pumps available and specialise in the bringing together of various plant "Heat Source" solutions into a single scheme to meet the demands for a buildings Hot Water, Heating and Cooling needs.

Be it;

Water Source heat pumps optimised to match a buildings DHWT demands whilst supplying the base load cooling demands of the site at the same time.


Large capacity Air to Water source heat pumps that are able to reverse in summer to meet the cooling demands for the building with the same item of plant.

Cooltherm also provide bespoke Air Handing Unit solutions which are optimised to work hand in hand with our heat pumps, and our extract AHU’s are capable of turning a buildings extracted exhaust air into a 'Heat-Sink' to allow our water to water heat pumps to continue producing useful heat into the depts of winter.