CoolTherm are Turbomiser™

Cooltherm - Geoclima's ultra-efficient Turbomiser™ chiller which runs on magnetic levitation and delivers precise capacity control, Turbomiser chillers have been optimised to incorporate the Turbocor compressor, not simply replace more traditional technologies, at the heart of these machines is a compressor that delivers exceptional energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint, while ensuring the highest level of reliability through its lifecycle.

Cooltherm don't just sell Turbomiser™,

we are Turbomiser™!


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Using magnetic levitation Turbocor compressors gives the following benefits: 

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Avoid refrigerant leakage
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Exceptional noise reduction
  • Low start-up current
CoolTherm are Turbomiser™

Reduce energy consumption with Turbomiser and Turbocor

The latest version of the technology, the Turbomiser™ II, requires between 30-50% less energy compared with conventional systems based on screw, scroll or reciprocating technology. This dramatic reduction in power requirement is achieved without compromising the cooling performance of the machine.

Avoid refrigerant leakage

Avoid refrigerant leakage

Refrigerant leaks are unnecessary, costly and – entirely avoidable. They are a consequence of poor design and/or maintenance of plant. The Turbomiser™ is designed to minimise or avoid leaks altogether, through reducing the number of components and joints in the system.

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Reduced maintenance

As a result of the oil-free design and limited number of moving parts, the Turbomiser™ requires no oil changes and much reduced servicing to ensure efficiency and reliable running. The technology is highly reliable and proven to save the end user cost and reduce down time.

Reduced maintenance

Packs lots of cooling power into a small space.

Turbomiser™ is compact and lightweight due to the exceptional Turbocor compressor. The compressor weighs just 125kg compared with 600kg for typical screw and reciprocating machines. This frees up plant rooms, reduces loading on rooftops and enables chillers to be sited in spaces considered too tight for standard chiller technology.


Turbomiser™ is compact and lightweight due to the exceptional Turbocor compressor

Exceptional noise reduction

Noise is a growing issue, particularly with the introduction of air conditioning to buildings in built-up and residential areas. The Turbomiser™ addresses this through exceptionally quiet operation, down to 67dbA at five metres. Due to its design, the Turbomiser™ Chiller is also virtually vibration free – there is no need for anti-vibration mountings or special supports.

Exceptional noise reduction
Low start-up current

Low start-up current

Conventional chillers may require up to 600 Amps starting current, putting a huge draw on a building’s electricity supply – and sometimes requiring an expensive upgrade of the sub-station. The Turbomiser™ requires just 2 Amps.

Because the Turbomiser™ chiller is based on inverter-controlled Turbocor compressors, it requires just 2 Amps to start, saving cost and maintaining headroom for other essential services.