Air handling units

Climatech high-tech air handling units from Cooltherm

Cooltherm’s range of high-tech, high efficiency air handling units are made by Austrian company Climatech.

We offer both standard and bespoke systems, with the emphasis on high quality and premium performance, for use in applications such as hospitals, leisure centres, commercial buildings and retail developments.

The Climatech range of AHUs is part of our stable of high efficiency hvacr equipment, and perfectly complements our award-winning Turbomiser chiller to offer a complete chilled water and air handling solution.


  • Fully bespoke dimensional and performance solutions available
  • Range of energy recovery solutions
  • Packaged onboard intergrated heating-cooling systems 
  • Humidification solutions
  • Hospital and Scientific clean rooms
  • Eurovent certified

We have teamed up with Cliatech to bring both the Multicent 3therm and the Multicent Compact AHU to the UK!!!!

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Air handling units

Multicent 3therm AHU

The new generation of self-regulating Air Handling Units. 


  • AHU with integrated 3-coil reversible heat pump/chiller unit
  • No defrosting necessary
  • Complete independent operation
  • Heating/cooling load fully modulated
  • Air flow rate control (constant air flow rate or constant diff. pressure)
  • 3rd generation Danfoss VZH inverter scroll compressors
  • Integrated controls in weatherproof enclosure complete with bespoke software solutions for accurate control of cooling & heating output to meet varying building thermal demands (Option: remote access and monitoring via web platform)
  • Summer and Winter modes
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Multicent 3therm AHU
Multicent Compact AHU

Multicent Compact AHU

A modern, compact solution with a very high efficiency level.

Selection software

Selection software optimises the selection of the energy wheel to achieve the specified indoor conditions. Heat wheels are ideal for applications that demand a high percentage of fresh air intake such in hospitals, laboratories, universities and pharmaceutical applications.

Selection software

Sizes and capacities

There are some 17 standard sizes of ahu with capacities up to 120,000 cu m/hr cooling and 210,000 cu m/hr heating and ventilation only.

Based on a modular construction design, the units combine sequences of encased modules assembled with a range of panels sizes (30mm, 50mm and 100mm). They provide the full range of air treatment options, including circulating, filtering, heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying and mixing.

AHU construction

The Clima Tech TW-series is made from framed modules manufactured from galvanized steel profiles, joined by means of 3D injection moulded and reinforced PE corners - to form a Penta-post construction. This gives the units outstanding rigidity and design flexibility.

The frame construction makes it possible to disassemble and reassemble units so that they can be installed on new sites or replacement projects where access is difficult.

AHU construction

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Energy recovery option available

Energy recovery option available

Energy recovery is a key option, significantly boosting overall building energy performance and further reducing running costs. The Clima Tech system uses a rotating energy recovery wheel made of an air-permeable aluminium matrix with a very large interior surface.

Designed to recover either sensible heat only or both sensible and latent heat, the wheel consists of two half moon sections installed in a double-deck or side-by-side configuration, with supply air flowing through one half while warmed exhaust air flows in counter-flow through the other, as the wheel rotates continuously at low speed.

Exhaust air stream heat recovery

Heat Recovery

Sensible heat is recovered from the exhaust air stream through direct energy transfer to the metallic substrate, which then transfers it to the cooler supply air stream. Latent heat is captured through the use of a hygroscopic coating on the wheel, which condenses moisture from the air and transfers it, along with absorbed energy, to the lower humidity airflow.