Continuous Professional Development Programs

Cooltherm have worked alongside CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers). for a number of years to develop various CPD modules to assist with the ongoing professional development of industry consultants, contractors and end users with the ambition of providing useful education to ensure individuals and companies are up to date with the latest technological advancements in our industry.

Our team will gladly come to your place of business and present one or more training modules, normally the duration per module is one hour and often presented over lunch. We are able to compile bespoke sessions to meet your requirements, please contact us to arrange 01179610006.


Cooltherm can offer CPD's in the following subjects.


  • Turbomiser - MODULE 6 - The Quite Revolution of Chillers - Based around Turbocor optimised cooling technologies

Turbomiser CPD



  • Adiabatic Turbomiser - MODULE 18 - Automated adiabatic enhancement of Turbomiser to further improve efficiency and reduce footprint.

Turbomiser CPD Adiabatic



  • Propane Refrigerant –  MODULE 99 - The safe application of Ultra Low GWP propane refrigerant in chillers

R290 Propane CPD



  • HFO Refrigerants –  MODULE 112 - The next generation of Low GWP, A2L refrigerants for use in chillers and industrial cooling / heating.

HFO R1234ze CPD



  • CircleMiser –  MODULE 118 – Incredibly efficient air cooled chillers with enlarged circular condensers.

Circlemiser CPD

Continuous Professional Development Programs