CT Chillers


Tonon Chillers Cooltherm Chillers and heat pumps 

Full Comprehensive range of chillers developed specifically for the UK market. 

Large numbers of chillers stocked for immediate dispatch. 


We offer a full range of 'Value-Engineered' chillers and heat pumps which have been specifically tailored to our requirements and that of the UK market with our manufacturing partner Tonon-Forty.

The focus on this range is quality, reliability and robustness, whilst maintaining a 'Value-Engineered' price point through simple, logical design.

The UK market place demands both high performance and longevity, and an extending operational envelop with ambient temperatures spanning -10C to + 35C across the year. 


Full range of capacities from 1.8kW to 1mW available, along with a wide range of accessories from MODBUS to intergral pumps and tanks onboard. 


CT Chillers
Fan coils

Fan coils

A full range of Tonon-Forty heating and cooiling water fan coils are available again often from stock to suit every application, and meet all control package need. 

The range of units is expansive, from concealed coil ducted units.



to cosmetically pleasing wall mounted displayed units.


Efficient, logical design

Every chiller we produce, whether it be a custom bespoke design or a off the shelve chiller is designed to be as frugal with the power as possible and simple to maintain throughout its life cycle.

* We use high efficiency scrolls and inverter scrolls within our equipment.

* E.C. Fans are available or AC winter optomisation. 

* MODBUS controls as standard on most models.

* Durable powder coated paint.

* Open Protocol controls, to assist with maintenance over the lifecycle of the plant. 

* Easy to maintain, the design is convieved with the field engineer in mind. 

* Each machine is capable of customisation, whether it is dimentions, pumps and tanks, heat recovery, low noise, and much more.


Please contact our chiller engineering team if you have a bespoke requirement, and they will be delighted to take up your challenge. 


Efficient, logical design

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