The environment

There has been a lot of debate recently about air conditioning and the environment.

In the past, CFC refrigerants used in air conditioning systems were found to harm the ozone layer. Since then, harmful CFCs have been phased out and are no longer used.

Today’s systems use a new generation of refrigerants (HFCs) which do not harm the ozone layer. They are highly efficient and non-toxic, and can be used in all applications, including homes and businesses.

The environment

Global warming and air conditioning

The gradual warming of the climate has tended to increase the use of air conditioning.

The new generation of refrigerants (HFCs) are known to have a global warming potential. However, Cooltherm offers a range of alternative systems operating on non-HFC refrigerants, including hydrocarbons and the new generation of HFO refrigerants. Both have exceptionally low global warming potentials, and effectively future-proof your business.

Leaders in Fuel Economy

Today’s modern air conditioning systems are highly efficient, and the Daikin and Turbomiser systems installed by Cooltherm are class leaders in terms of fuel economy.

Fitting a Daikin system supplied by Cooltherm, you can be confident that the environmental impact is minimised.

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