Heat Pumps

Heat pumps, the environmental technology that cuts fuel bills. They are highly efficient systems for both heating and cooling business premises and homes.


Heat Pumps
How do they work?

How do they work?

They collect free heat from the air (or ground or water in some cases), and deliver it into the building. In most cases, they can cut fuel bills significantly.

Today's modern air conditioning systems are based on heat pump technology. They not only cool, but provide high efficiency heating and can cost a lot less to run than conventional, boiler-based systems.


Reasons to fit heat pumps

Incentives available to fit heat pumps

  • The Government is keen to promote the energy saving benefits of heat pumps. For businesses, there are attractive capital allowances available on many systems.
  • Daikin air conditioning systems installed by Cooltherm are covered by this scheme.
  • Reduce your energy bills for heating and cooling.

More details

For more details on how to save money when you buy heat pumps, see the Carbon Trust's energy technology web site at www.eca.gov.uk.